Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Death of BSOD

We wanted to explain the reasons we decided it was time to kill The Blue Screen of Death and start a new band.

BSOD was formed by Harry, Paul, Steve and Pete. With Pete leaving, Harry switching from drums to guitar and the addition of Gizmo, it very much feels different. Different like something that isn't BSOD anymore. Being in the recording studio and laying down new (totally rad) tracks accentuated this. Continuing with the BSOD name undermines the part Pete played in BSOD as well as the part Gizmo now plays in the new band.

There are lots of elements that will carry forward into the new project, but there are also inevitably things that will change. The name being the first.

Although we are fond of it, BSOD was never a perfect fit in the first place. For people that didn't get the reference i.e. non-geeks (of whom there were many), the word 'death' conjures up images of a metal band, which we are not. In this day and age it's difficult enough to get people to listen to a band or go and see them live without the added hazard of misleading expectations.

There's also another (more popular and probably better) band called The Blue Screen Of Death based in Germany. With Felix (who is a jolly nice chap), the drummer from our German band namesakes coming over to study in Southampton, it has highlighted the fact that we are not alone.

On top of these reasons you can add the fact that BSOD is rather tough to Google, plus it's so long that it rarely fits on gig posters.

All in all, the time has come for change.

The Blue Screen of Death is dead.

Gizmo, Harry, Paul and Steve

P.s. You won't have to wait long for new material...