Sunday, 25 November 2012

Introducing the new BSoD drummerererer...

Gizmo signed for a fee of £8.32 plus a Curly Wurly
Guillaume Redonnet-Brown (a.k.a. "Gizmo") is a demi-French percussion prodigy with a grade 8 in drumming and a grade 8.5 in being a badass. At only 18 years old (although, due to the linear nature of time, this will change), speculation remains as to whether BSoD guitarist Harry Shogun Gardner might in fact be be his biological Father (Harry is old).

Gizmo grew up on the mean streets of Sutton in Surrey, so he knows how to handle himself (and a switchblade). It was here that he earned the alias “Gizmo” (in an event which took place in a kebab shop just after midnight, but Gizmo does not like discussing it).

He is currently studying for a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton. It remains to be seen whether he is any good at making paper aeroplanes.

It is hoped that next year he may be coerced into taking part in the charity fundraiser known as “Movember” to allow the pun “Gizmovember”.

It is testement to his ability that we chose him out of the many excellent drummers we have met over the last few weeks.  We now intend to educate our young padawan in the ways of the Blue Screen, then in 2013 we will unleash him onto a stage near you (although this does largely depend on who you are and your geographic location).

After paying the extortionate transfer fee to acquire Gizmo's services, we are even more poor.  Help us out.  Buy a CD (or 12). Please. Thank you.

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