Monday, 23 July 2012

Music from the 80's/90' wasn't all bad!

Hi everyone, its Pete here. I thought it was about time I started sharing a bit more on here, so here goes.

Being born in the 80's and then growing up through the 90's was surely nowhere near as good musically as growing up in the 60's and 70's like my parents. I often find myself criticising music from the time of my growing up until i look through my album collection. It suddenly dawned on me how much stuff i love from that time.

As a kid learning to play guitar, I only listened to old stuff. When you start going to secondary school this is not cool. Especially when you are the wierdo stood in the corner at the freshers disco refusing to dance because you are terrified to get the latest moves from the chart wrong. Then maybe the more popular kids would crucify you on some of the gym apparatus and display you to the the rest of the school as an example of an inferior being. However this did place you in a predicament if nothing in the chart makes you enjoy music in anyway. So what do you do as weirdo with a guitar and no inspiration. You go round your friend John's house and have him play his older brother's cd collection to you. Amazing what a difference a day can make. One minute you are thinking about cutting off your hands because people don't like guitar music anymore, they like TL fucking C and Craig fucking David. Next thing you are going home singing 'Come as you are' and 'Spoonman'.

So tonight I'm sharing a song from that day. My good buddy John Fackrell made me a tape of 'cool shit' which I listened to endlessly. Sat in the corner of the common room at school, headphones in with the first Foo Fighters album smashing in to my ears. The stand out track for me was 'Good Grief'. The drums at the beginning, to me, sounded less like someone playing the drums and more like someone trying to destroy a drum kit! Its catchy lead line on the intro and its screaming rip roaring chorus stayed with me forever. The mix had so much fuzz in the background, it was dirty, filthy, rawcus rock and I loved it! Even to this day, if it comes on the cd player in my car, passengers have to be silenced and the volume pumped up to eleven during the fuzzed up bridge riff which is bursting with guitars layered over one another, each one more filthy than the next. Shame they don't seem to play it anymore...ENJOY

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