Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Welcome to the Blog Screen of Death (better name pending)

Hello World, and welcome to our shiny new weblog or 'blog'.

Here we, prominent rock band The Blue Screen Of Death will be sharing words, sentences, photos, videos and various other treats which we don't think we could trick you into paying money for.

Thanks to everyone who has viewed and commented on the Michael Winner song below; please show it to any friends and family who aren't of too nervous a disposition as we are keen to bring laughs to as many people as possible.

Just to clarify a couple of things:

1) The 'Maddie' referred to in the penultimate line of the song is obviously Maddie Magellan, erstwhile sidekick of TV detective Jonathan Creek, whose replacement by first Nadia Sawalha's and more recently Sheridan Smith's characters is a source of constant misery to us all.

2) The subtitle of the song is 'Little Death Wish' for the following self-satisfied reasons:

Michael Winner's most famous film is the masterpiece of subtle pathos Death Wish.

There is a well-known French expression 'la petite mort' (which literally translates as 'the little death') which is used to describe post-orgasmic melancholy.

Choosing to record such a tasteless song, go to the efforts we went to to record that video and then release and publicise it on the same day as our new EP suggests at least a little bit of a career death wish.

Stay tuned for more exciting news / irreverent nonsense very soon.


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